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Adventurers from across the globe can share their expeditions and interact with keenly interested students and teachers in real-time using the unique FindingLife adventure platform. Whether climbing the world’s tallest peaks, trekking through jungles, skiing to the poles or participating in humanitarian missions, adventurers can enhance the value of their challenging experiences by meaningfully contributing to the lives of students, and local communities through our coordinated fundraising campaigns.

Our criteria for selecting adventurers is based on many factors including the learning potential for students, the purpose of the expedition, the personality and characteristics of the individuals involved, the uniqueness of the expedition and the integrity of the idea.

How to become an adventurer

Planning an exciting adventure and looking for ways to share it in a meaningful way? We’re always on the lookout for new adventurers and expeditions to share with our community. We’ll need a full description of what you’ve got planned including your media sharing capabilities from remote locations. Be sure to include your itinerary, expedition plans and whether you have experience sharing content remotely while on an adventure.

Before submitting your adventure for review, be sure you’re 100% certain you’ve got everything in place to share your journey with our community. Not tech savvy? Not to worry. If your expedition is selected our team can help advise and in some cases be out on the ground, mountains, skies, seas or snow with you!

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Contact us to discuss how to join out adventurer team.

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