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The unsung heroes of Unclimbed

One of the main themes that we have been trying to bring attention to with our expedition are the climbing Sherpas who work behind the scenes, often in the shadows, who are the unsung heroes of the Himalayas.

Make it or break it

I’m exhausted and I’ve barely slept an hour. Numerous times throughout the night I awoke to the feeling of snow slamming against the back of the tent. The thin nylon North Face walls were being struck with what seemed like endless amounts of snow. With each blast I couldn’t help but think: Is this it?

Living on the edge

It’s 8:30pm and we’ve been chopping ice with our ice axes for the past 30 minutes. The cold seems irrelevant at this point as we’re likely going to freeze to death if we don’t get this ledge built and tent installed in the next few hours.

Unbreakable spirits

The alarm on my iPhone startles me awake at 1am. Our plan was to leave basecamp by 2am and attempt to reach camp 1 by mid afternoon. Unfortunately, it’s snowing outside so PK and I decide to go back to sleep for another two hours.

An update on Gabriel

  We wanted to let everyone know that Gabriel is now home in Montreal, Canada. He is recovering from his injuries and continues to support us from afar. We’re in constant communication and following one another’s journey every step of the way.

Together We Climb

A few weeks back I watched in sheer horror as my best friend and climbing partner Gabriel Filippi flew off the cliff he was scaling, upside-down and backwards to what I was certain would be paralysis or death. He bounced uncontrollably like a rag doll, over 60ft, from cliff to cliff, before eventually coming to … Continue reading Together We Climb