Our Cho Oyu Challenge

Mt. Cho Oyu

Students take on personal challenges

In 2011, Elia Saikaly and friend Khiery Sammakieh embarked on an adventure to climb the 6th highest mountain on Earth. The made a commitment to share the journey with students in real-time from the mountain and created an unforgettable campaign called the “Cho Oyu Challenge”.

As with all Himalayan expeditions, the team was faced with adversity and hardship and eventually prevailed and stood on top of the 6th highest mountain on the planet.

Students challenge themselves

A back to school campaign

The Cho Oyu challenge was introduced to students at the beginning of the 2011 school year. The goal was for students to pick and undertake a challenge in their own lives and to share the journey with the FindingLife team on the mountain. The campaign was a huge success and students were empowered and inspired by the expedition.

Students overcame their challenges and worked in teams to surmount the obstacles they feared the most.