Garnier FindingLife Expedition to Africa

Findinglife expedition to Kenya

Interactive learning experience

In 2011, six high school students from Canada teamed up with six high school students from Kenya to build classrooms for the disadvantaged community of Solio. Thousands of Canadian students raised the money for the new classroom facilities while following along and participating virtually throughout the expedition. The 12 students went on to climb and summit the second highest peak in Africa, Mt. Kenya. The expedition was led by Elia Saikaly, in partnership with Dr. Norm O’Reilly from the University of Ottawa and Gavin Bate in support of the Moving Mountains Trust.

As part of the Garnier FindingLife Expedition to Africa, Elia Saikaly and his team created the FindingLife soccer tournament. Hundreds of students on two continents played in a tournament that raised awareness and funds for the Kenyan community of Solio. The event was broadcast live on the Web and connected hundreds of students through Elia’s interactive school learning program FindingLife.

Moving Mountains Trust

Our friends, our partners.

Moving Mountains Trust is focused on spending in the right ways, on the right things, and in the right places. Their approach to international development is progressive and innovative and they believe that by investing in developing countries, they can end aid dependency and build a better, more prosperous world for us all.

Getting the relationship between the charity and the beneficiary right is critical, and a lot of time is spent assessing the consequences of our actions using progressive frames of reference and establishing a contract of funding with aims and proper reporting.

All of thier funding goes through a process of selection and assessment, they use established methodologies such as impact mapping to justify the expenditures. The Trustees have a strategy and set of annual aims which are regularly visited and reported on.