Mt Everest

Mt Everest Expedition

Interactive learning experience

In 2010 and in 2013,  Elia Saikaly created and shared an interactive educational experience, in real-time, where over 20,000 students across North America participated via the FindingLife platform. Selected classrooms had regular video conferencing calls with Elia and his team from as high as 26, 000ft above sea level. 

Elia and his team created a 12-part web-series that was shot, edited and soundtracked from 17, 5000ft above sea level at Mt. Everest basecamp. You can re-live the timeless journey below with your students.

In memory of Dr. Sean Egan

Bio in brief

Dr. Sean Egan was born in 1942 in county Clare, Ireland, where he spent his youth. After six years of monastic life, we returned to academe and completed a degree in literature at Dublin University. He then went on to study psychology at L’University de Paris. From there, he pursued his studies at the University of Oregon at Eugene, where he completed a Ph. D in Sports Psychology. He was a professor at the University of Ottawa’s Human Kinetics since 1977, specializing in Health.

In 1998, he took a group of students to Nepal where they trekked to Mt. Everest basecamp. In the spring of 2000, Sean returned to Everest to work on a series of research projects. He then returned in 2005 to attempt the summit, leading the Kanatek Expedition to Mt. Everest.

On April 29th 2005, Dr. Egan tragically died suffering a heart failure before reaching the top of the world.

Re-live the adventure

A 12-part webseries on Mt. Everest