Our Story

What is FindingLife ?

What we do

FindingLife is an interactive K-12 learning platform, founded by award-winning filmmaker Elia Saikaly, that combines adventure, technology, education and charitable initiatives to inspire positive change in youth.

From the safety of their teacher-supervised classrooms, students embark on real-time adventures and use social media technology to communicate and actively participate in our exciting expeditions. From the world’s tallest peaks to remote villages in Africa, students not only actively participate in unique learning opportunities, but they’re also able to make a tangible difference in the lives of others through fundraising campaigns coordinated by FindingLife.

Previous expeditions and campaigns have enabled students to raise money for a well in Kathmandu, classrooms in Kenya, an orphanage in India and most recently to build a new school in the village of Banakhu, Nepal after the 2015 Earthquake which tragically claimed over 8,000 lives.

FindingLife’s mission is to inspire positive change in youth by bringing the world right into their classrooms Our motto is: Educate. Inspire. Empower.

Our expeditions

How it works

FindingLife organizes and conducts exciting expeditions in exotic locations around the globe. These  adventures are specifically designed to educate, inspire and empower students and provide teachers with compelling teaching opportunities.

Utilizing advanced but easy to use technology youth can participate in real-time, learn from inspiring adventurers and are able to connect with and explore communities and cultures in remote corners of our world. By doing so they are able to practice and refine characteristics and skills such as empathy, optimism, teamwork, co-operation, perseverance and determination. FindingLife not only inspires students but also teachers, entire faculties, parents and their own communities.

One of FindingLife’s highlights was an interactive adventure all the way to the summit of Mt. Everest where 20,000 school children followed daily from the safety of their classrooms. Founder and award-winning filmmaker Elia Saikaly filmed every step of the journey and shared it all in real-time from the slopes of the highest mountain on Earth. Students were able to communicate live with Elia and thereby directly participate in this exciting learning adventure.

Our Approach


Our free interactive platform is in development and will be released in 2018.

Connect with adventurers

It’s simple. We create unforgettable learning experiences for students. We involve them. We create deep learning connections and facilitate interactions from some of the most exciting places on Earth.

Explore the world

Students can participate in real-time expeditions from remote parts of the world. From the world’s tallest mountains to remote villages in Africa.

Contribute to campaigns

Our charitable campaigns make it easy for students to connect and contribute to meaningful causes while meeting people in countries across the world.

Learning is the adventure

A global community with an aim to inspire, empower and educate students through the platform of adventure.

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