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To use the FindingLife platform students must be registered by their school teacher. Once registered, students have free access to our various adventurers and expeditions, can participate in live Q and A’s and contribute to our campaigns in meaningful ways.

If your teacher is not a registered FindingLife user teachers can pre-register below to be notified when the FindingLife platform launches in 2017.

The FindingLife Explorer mobile app is also available to experience and contribute to our adventures.


How to register as a student

In order to gain full access to the FindingLife platform, students must be registered and approved by their teacher. Registration enables students to interact safely with adventurers on expeditions. Our platform is a moderated safe learning environment.

Once registered and approved, students can participate in expeditions and connect with our adventurers in real-time. All of the content is available to students including Q and A sections and real-time video conferencing from all across the globe.

Once registered, students have full access to our interactive fundraising campaigns where they can participate in philanthropic initiatives, connect with communities abroad, make a difference in the lives of others and watch it all unfold during their school year.

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