Register as a teacher

Teachers are required to sign-up (for free) to access the FindingLife learning platform. Once registered, teachers simply fill out a brief profile and invite their students to join the platform by entering their email addresses.

Teachers, with their students, can ask adventurers questions, participate in live Q and A’s, contribute to meaningful campaigns and follow the expeditions through various types of content such as virtual reality videos, webisodes, blogs and 360 degree photos.

In addition, a Teachers Corner section will be accessible where teachers can post and share their assignments and creatively collaborate with other teachers. Curriculum connection ideas are categorized by expedition, subject and student grade level.

The FindingLife Explorer mobile app is also available to experience and contribute to our adventures.

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How to register as a teacher

Registered teachers have the ability to add their students to our interactive learning platform.  Registration not only gives you free access to the entire platform, but also creates exclusive access for real-time connectivity with our team of adventurers and your classroom.

To ensure a safe learning environment, teachers are asked to add their students using their email addresses. Once validated, students can then log into the platform, create a basic profile and interact with adventurers.

Registration also gives teachers access to the Teachers Corner section. Teachers are able to connect, create and share lesson plans and ideas. Curriculum connections are categorized by adventure, subject and grade level.

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When you pre-register for the FindingLife platform, you will be notified of our progress. You can keep up to date on adventures, launch dates and be among the first adopters of this groundbreaking platform.

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