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What is Unclimbed?

In the fall of 2016, three friends embarked on an adventure in the Himalayas to attempt to climb two unclimbed mountains named after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Just days into the expedition, team leader Gabriel Filippi suffered a climbing accident and was rescued by Pasang Kaji and teammate Elia Saikaly. Once evacuated to safety, Pasang Kaji (a.k.a PK) and Elia, long standing friends and climbing partners, return with Gabriel’s blessing to attempt the impossible. Will they succeed with all odds stacked against them? Follow the journey to find out what happens.

Follow our journey in real time!

Keep up to date with the latest stories from our current adventure using the interactive story and maps. You can ask questions, interact with the team or follow along by reading Elia’s blog here. You can also find us on FacebookInstagram  or Twitter for our daily updates.

Our Esri Story

Our interactive 3D Map

Watch the Discovery Channel Series

Every week, a new episode is released online. Journey with Pasang Kaji, Elia Saikaly and Gabriel Filiipi as they prepare for this unclimbed adventure. The one-hour broadcast premiere of Unclimbed airs in November on Discovery.

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